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    Exotic Pet Care

    At White Oak Veterinary Clinic, our doctors are trained to treat all manners of pets in addition to cats and dogs. Dr. Eve O'Neil is trained and passionate about exotic pet care.

    Dr. Eve O'Neil treats all birds, all reptiles and amphibians (with the exception of poisonous species), tarantulas, and small mammals including guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and sugar gliders.

    If your bunny needs veterinary services, Dr. David Fleck is experienced and trained to perform the highest quality care. If you're not sure whether we can treat your pet, just give our friendly team a call!

    Wellness Exams

    Birds, reptiles, and pocket pets require very different care than cats and dogs, however, regular wellness exams are equally as important! In fact, our doctors' first tip to all exotic pet parents is to schedule routine wellness exams.

    Wellness visits are preventive and keep your exotic pet healthy. This is especially true for exotic pets because these animals oftentimes hide symptoms of disease and illness. Plus, bringing your exotic pet to see Dr. O'Neil at least once a year gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your pet's health and unique care needs such as specific environmental and nutritional requirements, behavioral concerns, parasite prevention, and dental care.

    We ask that you please bring a fresh stool sample and any medical information you have to your pet's wellness visit. Please also come ready to discuss your pet's environment such as cage size, cage temperature, and bedding brands, as well as nutritional information such as diet, food brands, medications, etc.


    Sick Exams

    Birds, reptiles, and pocket pets experience different species-specific symptoms. Dr. Eve O'Neil is trained to detect symptoms that may indicate disease in your furry, feathered, or scaled friend.

    If your pet is not feeling their best, we will assess their vitals, skin condition, pulmonary health, bone & joint health, dental health, and more to pinpoint the root of illness. In some cases, diagnostic imaging and viral testing may be necessary to make the most accurate diagnosis.



    At White Oak Veterinary Clinic, we perform nail, beak, and wing trims for exotic pets.

    Grooming your exotic pet is not always easy, but it is important to their health and comfort. Dr. Eve O'Neil is experienced, gentle, and happy to perform these basic services during your pet's wellness visit. For the safety of all of our patients, we always use safe and clean equipment.